Thursday, July 1, 2021

i hope you had a gem mint canada day!

it's not quite a '10', but this 1978 o-pee-chee steve garvey card
is still gem-mint according to the powers that be at beckett, for whatever that is worth.

i don't have too many graded garvey cards in my collection, but i do have a psa 10 1978 topps card, and was looking for a similar version of the canadian issue.  this'll do.

here's the back:
i sure don't recall o-pee-chee cards looking this nice when i was pulling them from packs in southern saskatchewan during the summer of 1978.  i was disappointed back then, and still am today, that they did not translate "swung for the fences" into french.  well, i hope you "balancĂ© pour les clĂ´tures" on this canada day!


  1. That's the nicest looking 70's OPC card I've ever seen! I opened boxes of 1984 and 1985 OPC a few years ago and none came out as clean as your Garvey.

    1. i almost wonder if this one was cut from a sheet rather than pulled from a pack. i know psa is supposed to note cards that are cut from a panel (although they didn't with the gretzky wagner) but not sure about beckett.