Saturday, July 31, 2021

angels of death (stare cards)

thorzul at death stare cards recently hosted a group break of an insert collection he had obtained. by the time i saw the post, the dodgers were already claimed, so i went with the angels, hoping to find some cards for my vladimir guerrero collection while hoping against hope to see some shohei ohtani or mike trout cards mixed in as well.

it turned out that there were no ohtani cards in the lot, but i did find some keepers, one of which featured the aforementioned trout:
that is a 2013 topps opening day superstar celebrations card that only names albert pujols. as a result, i put this card in my "lurker" collection. the only other card to feature trout was this card from 2019 topps opening day:
fire and (brim)stone seems to support the angels of death title i gave this post.

as for vladdy sr, there were a couple cards i needed - from 2010 topps and 2009 topps ticket to stardom:
as well as 2009 topps update, 2018 topps, and 2010 topps:
among the fifty or so other cards, there was this 2011 topps reggie jackson 60 years of topps insert celebrating the franchise's single season home run leaders:
as you can see on the back, reggie took over the title in 1982 after leon wagner had claimed it in 1962.
nice to see names like don baylor and bobby bonds there. i believe that troy glaus still holds the record, but a couple of guys named pujols, trout, and ohtani would be listed on the back today.

thanks thorzul for another fun break!


  1. You did well to get Reggie, Vlad, and Pujols and a couple of quasi-Trout cards. I got the Mets and I can tell you there were no cards of deGrom, Piazza, Syndergaard, Seaver, or Pedro Martínez. A couple Gary Carters and 1 Robbie Alomar were the only Hall of Famers.

  2. I picked up the A's and Giants in this group break and was happy with what I received. I didn't recognize the sender... so it was sort of a mystery box for me. I had to dig into it for about 10 seconds before I realized it was the stuff from the break.

    1. funny, my first thought was that someone sent me the wrong los angeles team, but then i remembered about the break.

  3. The Team Celebration, Vlad Hall of Fame and Reggie cards are all pretty sweet. Good post.

    1. i am a sucker for angels-era reggie cards for sure.

  4. You can't ever go wrong with fire on sports cards!