Saturday, September 18, 2021

cards from cards from the quarry

i am sure most of you are aware that johnny, who hosts cards from the quarry, went on quite a tradeaway spree earlier this year.  his sunday pwe trade bait posts focused on serial numbered cards - one per team per post - which was pretty cool in my opinion. i was able to claim some cards and complete trades with him. let's see some of what i was able to bring home!

the first card i claimed was this 2008 upper deck spectrum takashi saito orange parallel card
it's numbered to 399. with this claim, i worked out a larger trade with johnny that netted me even more dodger goodness! those extra cards included this 2012 topps opening day ted lilly blue parallel
this 2014 topps opening day hyun-jin ryu blue parallel
this 2015 topps brandon mccarthy gold parallel
this 2015 topps update yasmani grandal gold parallel
and this 2017 topps enrique hernandez gold parallel
each of these are numbered parallels, so maybe i was poaching from future giveaway posts.

johnny included some additional dodger cards from 2020 panini diamond kings for me - walker buehler squires
and gallery of stars cody bellinger
and mookie betts

from there, i continued to make claims off and on. here are some of the cards that came my way as a result:

2015 panini crown royale pee wee reese silver #/75
2017 panini donruss kenley jansen gray border #/199
2016 topps archives adrian gonzalez blue parallel #/199
2012 topps opening day erick aybar blue parallel #/2012
2019 topps eduardo nunez gold parallel #/2019
2006 upper deck future stars eric gagne purple parallel #/1799
2019 panini donruss dennis santana 150th anniversary #/150
2020 panini donruss alika williams/bobby witt jr american pride silver parallel #/349
and finally, a 2003 donruss studio vladimir guerrero spirit of the game #/1250
i've laid claim to a couple more cards that are waiting to be sent but i don't mind waiting. i know that life tends to get in the way sometimes.

thanks johnny! i hope things slow down for you so you can have more time to post and trade!


  1. I claimed quite a few freebies from Johnny as well. Hope he starts blogging again soon. Love everything here, especially the Pee Wee Reese & the Vlad!

    1. i wish panini would bring back cooperstown instead of the same old diamond kings release.

  2. Haha, I like the bit where you mentioned you may have stole from future giveaway posts. I hope he returns as well; nice to read posts from another team's fanbase.

    1. it doesn't look like he's hurting for inventory so far, at least.