Friday, September 24, 2021

big papi pop

what were you doing 23 years ago? i was at the metrodome on september 24, 1998 watching the twins play against the indians. the twinkies won 2-0 behind their ace brad radke.  david ortiz drove in both runs that night with a double, but this 1999 pacific private stock card
can tell you the full story
as far as i know, this is the only card from that set that features a game i saw in person. it's not a topps now card, but it still has earned a place in my "cards featuring games i attended" mini-collection. paul molitor, who would suit up for the last time a few days later, got the night off. looking at that twins lineup that featured a 39 year old otis nixon, guys like denny hocking and chris latham, plus a 22 year old ortiz, it's not hard to understand how they were in the midst of a run of losing seasons. this was the sixth game of doug mientkiewicz's career, and there was no way to know that in about six years, both he and ortiz would be celebrating a world series victory together - for boston.

anyway, not a bad game to attend
for four bucks.


  1. I was in my first year of teaching (in a public school) and possibly working that evening at the card shop across the street at the mall to supplement my income.

  2. How do you not win with Denny Hocking in the lineup?

  3. Papi hitting cleanup for the Twins, Manny hitting cleanup for the Indians...gotta love it!