Saturday, May 8, 2021

now for the almost

i believe that, for the first time, one of my "almost free fridays" has concluded with all parties receiving and returning cards. awesome. i hope everyone was satsified with the cards that they claimed, as i was certainly pleased with what came back my way. while i only requried one card (or "at least one card"), nobody took that literally.

here's what i received from diamond jesters, starting with the guy that i thought probably should have been named world series mvp, mookie betts
julio urias
and mitch(ell) white
these were the first 2021 topps cards i received, but they weren't the last.

here's what i received from card hemorrhage, starting with the guy who did win the world series mvp award, corey seager:
a man and his truck.

keibert ruiz
plus a couple of vladimir guerrero cards for the pc - 2003 fleer platinum
and 2003 upper deck honor roll

here's what i received from baseball cards come to life:

1998 ud collector's choice chuck knoblauch
with a new-to-me double play turn on the front, and bunny ears on the back.
plus some new dodger stadium backgrounds for my mini-collection, including 1986 donruss highlights kevin bass
and mike scott
1988 donruss baseball's best floyd youmans
2001 fleer platinum joe pineiro
and 2007 fleer ultra bartolo colon
plus we've got darin erstad and mariano duncan there in the background.

here's what i received from gtt:

some nice vintage duke snider cards from 1979 tcma 
and 1980 tcma all-time dodgers
duke brought his manager along in the all-time dodgers set, walter alston
here's a great lurker card
that's a 2007 upper deck chris carpenter card featuring a cameo by tony larussa. i figured that this photo was from a game on september 11, 2006 due to the flag patch on larussa's cap, and i was correct. it's crazy to me that larussa is managing again in 2021.

here's what i received from night owl:

1999 upper deck spx gary sheffield

2003 playoff prestige shawn green

2006 topps update & highlights julio lugo gold parallel

2016 panini donruss jose peraza

2016 panini donruss optic corey seager

2016 bowman's best stat lines corey seager 

2017 topps allen & ginter adrian gonzalez

2017 topps bunt kenta maeda blue parallel

as far as i am concerned, that's a lot of great cards in return for stuff that didn't fit in my collection. i'll likely do another round in the coming weeks. thanks everyone!