Wednesday, May 5, 2021

cinco de (hold the) mayo?

last year, fuji posted a card of fernando valenzuela on cinco de mayo and asked us about our favorite mexican food. today, i am posting a card of fernando valenzuela representing american fast food.
it's a former nefarious nine card need of mine, and it features a photo that looks like it might have been taken in a park on the outskirts of downtown los angeles with a semi-high rise building in the background. i think the cardinals had a hotel building like that near their spring training facilities.

i also picked up fernando's 1986 burger king card
last year to complete the dodger team set (pedro guerrero's card was already in my collection).

anyway, happy cinco de mayo. i know at one point a couple of years ago bk added tacos to their menu, but i'm not sure if they stuck. regardless, i hope you enjoyed your tacos or whoppers or whatever you might have been eating today.


  1. I'm so bummed that I didn't eat Mexican food today. I might have to grab a fat burrito this weekend to make up for it.

    As for Burger King and tacos... that sounds like an interesting combination. I would definitely give them a shot. Back in college, I was a huge fan of Jack in the Box tacos. Haven't had them in years, but I bet they're still delicious.

    1. i haven't had jack in the box for a long time, but used to eat there through high school. my go-to was the ham and swiss. they had pretty much every type of food on their menu back then.

    2. If I had to guess... I'd say they still offer a lot of variety. I know they definitely cater to those who suffer from the midnight munchies. ;D

  2. I did enjoy my tacos yesterday, and modelo. Although I am of Puerto Rican descent, I took part in the Cinco De Mayo! I am also not Irish, but celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well.

    Nice food and beverage card, I need to start looking for Sandberg Food & Beverage cards as that is my main PC.