Sunday, October 24, 2021

payton's place in my collection

i found a couple of cards to move in to a couple of my mini-collections while sorting through some boxes. these are both jay payton cards, and both come from his time with the padres, sort of.

first up is a 2004 upper deck first pitch card.
this shows payton at dodger stadium as a member of the rockies, but it's a padre card as he was signed by the club for the 2004 season after a big year in colorado. the dodger catcher whose arm we see is either david ross or paul loduca, by the way.  it's a nice broken bat card, but it goes in my dodger stadium collection. also worth noting is that the inset for these early 2004 upper deck padre cards showed jack murphy stadium. they later used an image of the brand spanking new petco park.

the second payton card is from 2004 playoff honors
that goes in the tatooine collection, obviously. payton only spent the one season in san diego as he was dealt to the red sox prior to the 2005 campaign for world champion dave roberts, but at least he had a couple of nice cards from his tenure with the friars. 


  1. That first Payton is one of the kings of my broken bat mini-collection.

    1. steve garvey has a good one from 2003 team heroes - take a look if you don't have it!