Wednesday, June 23, 2021

brooks is here. so is red.

courtesy of kit young cards, i now own a brooks robinson rookie card
it's one of the gems of the 1957 topps set, and i thought i'd be waiting a lot longer to add it to my set build. that was before this card was offered up for sale with a very reasonable (below current market) buy it now.  here's the back:
the text is a bit interesting in that if you actually look at his stats, you would not be impressed although he was still a teenager when he put up those stats. still, topps nailed the fact that he was a superb infielder. brooks never did catch as a pro, but i am sure he would have excelled there, too.

i first bought a card from kit young back in the late 1990's when i was still living in california, and many of my vintage sets include cards from them. always an easy and confident transaction!

i should note that i also have the red schoendienst card from the 1957 set, and i've had it for awhile. i didn't bother to scan it - i just wanted to reference it in the title of the post. 

"get busy livin' or get busy dyin'. that's goddamn right".


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    1. always worth watching whenever i stumble upon it.

  2. Love me some Shawshank. I hadn't heard the name Kit Young in quite some time. He's been a part of the hobby for decades... and it looks like they're still selling cards to collectors.

    1. not sure if kit is still around, but they are still in business - thankfully!