Sunday, May 26, 2024

oddballs and ends

here are some dodger oddballs i picked up not too long ago from a few different sportlot sellers. filling out orders to maximize shipping benefit is a lot easier for team collectors with the site's database revisions - you can sort seller inventory by team!

this is a 1983 post super sugar crisp dodger team card
and the back contains a summary of the franchise's history
it is weird to think of a time when pee wee reese and don drysdale weren't in the hall of fame, but it was "just" 40 years ago that they were so honored, and this cereal insert predates that! when will there be cards in cereal boxes again? 

this is a 1993 metz - not mets - baking card of darryl strawberry
it is clearly a dodger card and not a met card.  metz baking company was founded in the 1920's in iowa and grew to be the largest baking company in the midwest. from what i can tell it's been bought out and resold since these cards were produced.

i completed my dodgers 1981 permagraphics team sets with the addition of fernando valenzuela's all-star card 
and a steve garvey credit card beyond the one that is in my garvey pc
apparently there are variations of these cards in terms of how they are numbered on the back
but i think the garveys i have are the same. i also have one of these that garvey actually signed in the autograph spot on the back.

finally, i picked up this 1981 fleer dodger sticker
it has the 1980 all-star game on the back, which features the game played at dodger stadium. i have one of those backs in my dodger stadium mini-collection, and i am pretty sure i have this sticker as part of the 1981 fleer set i put together in real time 43 years ago.

i still need a couple of stickers to complete the team set, so i will be oddball hunting again in the future i am sure.

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  1. Love, love, love 80's Fleer logo stickers! A few months ago, I started organizing my 80's Fleer stickers and made the decision to start building some of those sets. Was hoping to find some large lots on eBay... but got distracted. One of these days I'll resume that project. If and when that happens... I'll see if I can help you out.

    P.S. Those Permagraphics credit card things are cool too.