Sunday, May 19, 2024

beyond hell's bells

recently i shared a trevor hoffman autograph card that i picked up at the semi-annual (i think) big card show here in the twin cities. i mentioned that the card could have been considered a freebee as it was marked at $5 but the dealer knocked that same amount off of my total purchase.

i pulled 30 cards from that same dealer's dollar box that were unmarked and therefore a dollar, and two from the dollar box that were marked at five - the trevor hoffman card and an archives signature series autograph card of tim hudson that will go to sluggo in our next round of trading.

i am going to show each of the 30 other cards, which really was 31 cards. that "extra" card came with this
that is a 2023 topps allen & ginter mookie betts rip card numbered to 99. i figured it was ripped, but even so, a dollar is a bargain in my opinion. so, imagine my surprise when i looked at the back and saw this
a roberto clemente extended series mini card. what?! so someone took the time to rip the card, but dismissed clemente as not worth the hassle of separating and threw the whole thing in a dollar box. i don't understand but i am also not complaining.

here's some more cool stuff.

2023 topps heritage high numbers clayton kershaw chrome parallel - the silver bordered refractor version
and a couple regular heritage chrome refractors
along with some black border parallels
the vazquez is actually a refractor numbered to 74 on the back, but the other three are the print run of 50 regular black border parallels.

here are a couple of heritage rookie cards - an insert and a mini parallel
the latter of which is numbered to 100.

i also found a couple of heritage buybacks
and some more numbered parallels of hall of famers
and other guys
the cespedes is neat as it is numbered 01/25, and the siri is some sort of red hot foil background swap parallel numbered to 50 from 2022 topps archives.

here are a couple of derek jeter inserts

and a couple of holiday variations from 2023 topps holiday

i also found some rookies like corbin carroll
aaron judge
and giancarlo (mike) stanton
the stanton is from 2010 topps update, as are these two babe ruth legends variations
because why not?

finally, there were some manufactured relic things in the back of the box. i took three from 2018 topps, including clayton kershaw
and a manny machado gold parallel, and then topped it all off with a 2015 topps bo jackson 1st home run deal
dollar for dollar this may have been the best stop i made at the show, but there will be more to share!


  1. Wow, that's a hell of a dollar box! I'd be thrilled to find an empty torn Rip Card for a buck - much less one with a Clemente hidden inside. Can't believe the vendor left that untouched. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the haul!

    (I also might know of a certain dime box collector who'd take one of those Ruth SPs off your hands if you're planning on moving them...)

  2. Definitely a great box! I think the rip card and Harper might be my faves, but all of them are great buys.

  3. Wowza. That's a great dollar box! Even better that the Hoffman was a free bonus.

  4. That's a dollar box on steroids. Better give the dealer a drug test.