Monday, May 20, 2024

i'm calling it

for the past several years, the number one most wanted card on my "nefarious 9" list has been the 1989 fleer orel hershiser box bottom card with the white back. 

i no longer think it exists.

i have never seen one offered on ebay, and there is no record of it ever being on comc. after years with no luck, i finally took the time to look into this more closely, and found out that i should have consulted tcdb a long time ago.

tcdb tells me that the hershiser was only available as a cello pack box bottom. those came in the six card configuration seen below. 

the other cello pack box bottom option had cards for wade boggs, frank viola, fred mcgriff, and kevin seitzer, along with red sox and yankee logo cards. i can't find any record of these 12 cards being available with white backs.

the other 16 cards in the box bottom "set" were available as four panel box bottoms for wax packs. so it seems that only the wax pack bottoms, which included the only other dodgers in the set (kirk gibson and the dodger logo cards), came in both gray and white backs.

and so, i am deleting the white back hershiser card from my most wanted list. it has been replaced by another hershiser card - his 1994 upper deck electric diamond parallel. as for the top spot, kevin brown's 2002 upper deck sweet spot card which is standing between me and team set completion now sits there. check it out and see if you can help a blogger out!


  1. I can't help you, but your specificness sure is fascinating.

  2. Hmmm. Not familiar with that Gwynn. I'll have to check the binder to see if I have a copy. I definitely need to track down an uncut sheet too.