Sunday, December 5, 2021

quien es mas macho? the muttonchop sideburns edition!

time for another round of "quien es mas macho?" wherein i pit cards with some sort of similarity against each other.  this time, we have a pair of cards from 2021 topps archives. specifically, willie stargell 
and manny machado
can you guess the similarity here?

yes, it's the muttonchop sideburns. who wore it better - pops or machado?

of course, no muttonchop discussion is valid without mentioning carl yastrzemski and his famous baseball card appearance on the simpsons - do you have the carl yastrzemski baseball card from 1973? when he had the big sideburns?
classic stuff. well worth hearing milhous make the request in his own words:
oh, by the way, willie stargell es mas macho!


  1. Pops x100! Mutton chops or not, Machado looks downright miserable there.

    1. perhaps it is because he is wearing those awful padre pinstripes.

  2. Maybe the gap will lessen in a few years when Manny's able to grow some real facial hair, but until then, it's not even close.

    1. yeah, not even close. reminds me of one of the first of these posts which pitted todd benzinger against goose gossage: