Saturday, December 4, 2021

nobody expects the spanish inquisition (or new todd hundley dodger cards)

i would count topps manufacturing a card of todd hundley as a dodger in 2021 as a wholly unexpected development.  they did do such a thing, however, as this 2021 topps archives snapshot card proves
hundley was one of three dodgers in the set, along with victor gonzalez
and mookie betts. betts' card was the only one of the three not provided by madding aka kerry of cards on cards in a recent envelope of cards sent my way. while betts wasn't in that envelope, i have received a number of his cards from kerry over the last year or so, including:

2020 bowman chrome
2020 bowman platinum
2020 panini chronicles contenders
and 2020 panini chronicles titan
chronicles is one of the most confusing issues out there - right up there with bowman. although i still think bowman is more confusing with its variety of inserts and sub-issues.

in direct contrast to my surprise in finding a new todd hundley dodger card in 2021, one of the most expected things in my collecting experience is receiving such envelopes from kerry. in fact, they come at such a pace that i find it difficult to keep up in expressing my thanks.  here are a bunch of other cards sent to me in exchange for cardinals on cards over the last few months:

2020 bowman chrome cody bellinger
2020 bowman chrome brusdar graterol
2020 panini chronicles score walker buehler
2020 panini chronicles limited gavin lux
2021 panini prizm sandy koufax
2021 panini prizm corey seager fireworks
2021 panini prizm zack mckinstry purple parallel
kerry also sent me a team set of 2015 topps stickers (minus the logo sticker):
look at all the turnover there! none of those guys are current dodgers, and some aren't playing anymore.  here's the other player included in the team set:
and as i type this, there is a good chance that he won't be a dodger any longer, either!

here's another card featuring clayton kershaw - a 2020 topps big league league leaders orange parallel
and one more from that set that i've added to my dodger stadium collection - joc pederson
shown celebrating a joc pop.  it looks like 2021 big league will be out in 2022 - i pre-ordered a box back in may and am not sure i will ever see it. on the other hand, i know i will continue to see cards from kerry in my mailbox. thanks kerry!


  1. Panini prizms are such a big deal in football and basketball, it's s shame that baseball is missing out. The Mookie Betts moon card is.. interesting.

    1. I would be a lot more interested in prism if it had logos