Saturday, March 31, 2018

so i guess this is not a final tribute after all

when i first pulled this card out of a pack of 2018 topps
i set it aside for my 'final tribute' collection.  i didn't expect ichiro to sign on with a major league team following his 2017 season.  unfortunately, topps skimps on the stats on the back of their flagship cards these days
so i went for his 1983 insert
which does show his complete major league stats on the back
now that would have been a fitting final tribute, except topps left off his 2017 stat line.  that kind of screw-up is typical of topps these days.

anyway, the mariners not become nostalgic for one of the most popular players they've ever had, and ichiro suited up for them on opening day and officially extended his playing career into the 2018 season.  so, while these cards no longer fit into my final tribute mini collection, i will save a spot for an ichiro card in 2019.

in honor of ichiro's return to seattle, i will show a card that will stay in one of my mini collections.  it is from upper deck's 2001 pros & prospects ichiro world tour insert set.
it covers ichiro's first trip to dodger stadium in july of 2001, and notes that he had a great first game of the series.
unfortunately, while the text is correct, the photo is actually from the july 8 game, not the 6th (here's the getty images proof) when ichiro went just 1 for 4 with a double and a run scored.


  1. Ichiro is so cool. He robbed a home run yesterday, I wonder how many other 44 year olds have done that?

  2. Maybe Topps will listen to all of our complains and give Ichiro a fitting tribute next year with complete statistics... assuming this is his last season.

  3. I never want Ichiro to have a final tribute card (and at this rate, maybe he never will).