Wednesday, March 14, 2018

everybody loves ramon

brian at highly subjective and completely arbitrary closed out another round of trading a while back by sending a number of cards from my want lists.  he even found a 1992 ramon martinez card that i still needed!
i had never seen this 1992 upper deck team mvp hologram card before, which made me happy because there aren't too many dodger cards from 1992 that surprise me these days.

ramon had his worst season as a dodger in 1992 (which was also the worst season for the dodgers in their west coast history), but at least he had a cool hologram card.  thanks brian! look for some twins in the mail soon!


  1. Had to look up Ramon's career stats, because I don't remember seeing him after the mid 90's. Looks like he had a solid career. As for the hologram itself... I don't remember this set either. And I was all over the early 90's insert craze.

  2. If not for Pedro, Ramon would probably be my favorite Martinez of all-time!