Thursday, March 1, 2018

dishonoring heritage

i bought some 2018 topps heritage.  i got a few cards that i found interesting and will keep for my collection, but not too many.  one card that left me shaking my head was card number 1 in the set - the american league 2017 batting leaders card
let's take a closer look.

jose altuve led the league with a .346 average.

avisail garcia was second with a .330 average.

eric hosmer was third with a .318 average.

hanley ramirez had a .242 average on the season.

topps put hanley on the front of the card instead of the indians' jose ramirez, who tied hosmer at .318.

i also noticed that topps referred to andrew miller as a "righty" in the text on the back of his card.

does topps even pay attention to baseball anymore?


  1. I'd love the leader card with Hanley if it's up for grabs

  2. I'm no expert on Heritage or even the '69 set but is this one of those paying-homage-to-the-original-set "errors" that I hear about?

    1. It is not listed as a homage variation, and the 1969 version of the card had the right guys on it (Yaz, Cater, and Oliva)

    2. I had the same thought as Once a Cub, but it sounds like this was just really sloppy proofing by Topps.

  3. Great detective work. I never would have caught that.

  4. I saw he was on a league leader card, but couldn't figure out why. Now I know!

  5. Topps? Pay attention?

    They spent the last week pretending that their photographer was "playing along" with Troy Tulowitzki pretending to be a pitcher on photo day...and then sold it for profit.

    They've been out of touch for a while.