Monday, March 26, 2018

a very pleasant leaf card for you, wherever you may be

i really don't know why topps has been unable to put vin scully on a non-autograph card.  i used to think that he wouldn't allow the use of his likeness, and that is why we got cards from topps of ernie harwell, bob sheppard, and even joe buck, but not vin.  however, fleer put him on a card (with steve garvey) in 2004, and panini put him in their 2012 and 2013 cooperstown releases earlier this decade.  i don't think topps put vin on a card until 2016 with their transcendant and mint releases - both of which were low-numbered autograph issues.

there have been good reasons in recent years to give vin a card - he finally retired following the 2016 season after 67 years in the booth and he was given a spot on the dodgers' ring of honor during the 2017 season (and helped throw out the first pitch prior to one of the 2017 world series games) - but topps has fallen short.

i was happy to find a 2017 leaf national sports collectors convention card recently
showing vin as he appeared during the announcement that he would be the grand marshal of the 125th tournament of roses parade in 2014.  it's a final tribute of sorts, as it was issued the year following his final season, so i may just track down another copy for that mini-collection.

i picked up a magenta printing plate while i was at it
even though it is not a 1/1. it seems that leaf had used multiple sets of plates to create the card, so maybe that is one way that topps is doing things better than leaf.  still, i'm ok with these sorts of shenanigans if it means more vin scully cards!


  1. Nice! I'll have to track down one of these sometime.

  2. There should really be more announcer cards than there currently are. Vin deserves better.

  3. You're not the first collector to address Topps and their lack of Scully cards. They have so many variations and cheap insert sets within their flagship product alone, you'd think they'd at create at lease one or two cards of him each year.

  4. More Vinny is always a good thing.