Monday, March 19, 2018

once, twice, three times in my collection

i have a few mini collections going on (and i am slowly updating my 'have' lists of each).  sometimes, there are cards that fit in more than one mini collection.  case in point, eduardo nunez's 2017 topps card
nunez is wearing the monte irvin and jim davenport memorial patches (that would mean the card is eligible for my armband and memorial collection).

nunez's card also features dodger second baseman chase utley lurking in the background (that puts the card in my lurkers collection).

finally, the action on nunez's card is taking place in dodger stadium (that means it belongs in my dodger stadium collection - link coming soon).

as it stands, i have only two copies of nunez's card since the giant memorial patches are already represented in my memorials binder by buster posey's 2017 topps opening day card, and three copies of the same giants card in my collection is probably a bit much.

same goes for this next card that also could sit in the same three mini collections
as it is, i'll keep two copies (still need one) of this george springer world series "highlight" for the dodger stadium and lurker (hello, austin barnes) collections, but put a different card in the memorial collection (that's the 'houston strong' patch that recognizes those lost in the flooding as well as the community's resolve to recover from it).

anyone else have multiple copies of the same cards in different mini collections?


  1. I have a few cards that overlap in my Ivy collection and Cubs Cameos (similar to your lurkers). I don't seek out dupes but if they end up in a trade package, I'll take them.

  2. I have several, just because I want to keep complete sets together but still have various binders filled without gaps. So there are Mauer cards in both a Twins Frankenset and in a Mauer binder, a couple guys that are in both a vintage binder and a Topps All-Star Rookie binder, and player collection guys that also have cards in an 80s binder. I try really hard to avoid buying duplicates on purpose, but I'm happy to find more than one use for something if I have them in hand already.

  3. For me, one copy is enough, even if it hits multiple themes. Off the top of my head I can only think of one card which has managed to fill three different mini-collections of mine: Mike Sweeney's 2006 Upper Deck issue features him signing (1) for a kid (2) while wearing a throwback jersey (3).

  4. I definitely run into this issue in regards to sets and players I PC... but right now I'm completely drawing a blank when it comes to two or more mini collections.

    1. Oh wait. James Jones has cards in both my SJSU PC and Green Bay Packers PC.

  5. I'm still wishy-washy with what to do when I get a 12/25 card of a guy I collect. Some are grouped with the other Christmas Cards and some are in the player collections.