Monday, March 12, 2018

dodger stadium bonus play

it's been over four months since the world series ended, and i'm finally hitting publish a post inspired by the host stadium for games 1, 2, 6, and 7.  i was excited coming into the season as dodger stadium hosted the semi-finals and finals of the world baseball classic which resulted in some cards featuring the third oldest major league stadium in the background.  with the postseason also coming to dodger stadium, i was hoping for more 'bonus' dodger stadium cards.

there were two topps now cards in particular that i will showcase (although i did pick up pretty much all of the dodger-themed postseason topps now cards), the first of which comes from the game 1 opening ceremonies:
with a photo from the dodger dugout on the back
it's not every day that you can see the san gabriel mountains from the stadium, so thank goodness for clear (although hot) october days.

the next card is not a dodger card, although rich hill's name makes an appearance on the dodger stadium wraparound display thingamajigs.  no, this is an astros/marlins card
prior to game 2 of the world series, jose altuve and giancarlo stanton were recognized as the 2017 hank aaron award winners on the field at dodger stadium, and there was enough there behind them for me to pick up the card (on the cheap a couple of weeks after it was issued).

the 2017 postseason is not the first time that dodger stadium has been featured on cards, as there are a couple of cards in the 1964, 1967, and 1975 topps sets.  there are others, too.  here is a 2001 upper deck decade '70's card of reggie jackson
it shows mr. october during the 1977 world series.  it could be 1978, or even 1981 for all i know, but it is from a world series game.  that is because reggie only played road games in the world series as a yankee against the dodgers.

here's another world series road team - the baltimore orioles - represented by jim palmer on a 2015 leaf heroes of baseball card
palmer outpitched sandy koufax at dodger stadium in game 2 of the 1966 world series, throwing a shutout to extend the orioles' lead in the series to two games to none.

with 2018 product on the shelves, i've pulled a few more cards to add to this collection, including a nice cameron maybin card from heritage
along with a less pleasant card from the same set
hopefully just over 7 months from now, there will be some more postseason cards featuring dodger stadium in the background, only this time with the home team celebrating.


  1. I'm predicting a Dodgers World Series title in 2018... although I'm hoping the A's and Padres shock the world and prove my prediction wrong.

    1. From your lips to the big dodger in the sky's ears.