Thursday, February 22, 2024

the almost daily dodger - manny ramirez

i could not get enough of manny ramirez back in 2008 after he joined the dodgers. he absolutely raked, including hitting four home runs in the postseason while going 13 for 25 with 11 walks in the nlds and nlcs combined.

here are a couple of numbered cards of ramirez from 2009 - topps triple threads
and upper deck ballpark collection
that i've picked up sometime in the last year or so.

we can look back on what he did through a different lens these days, but i will never forget - or regret - that 2008 run. it was so much fun to follow and watch and i believe that any dodger fan who tells you differently is operating under a revisionist approach to history.


  1. Big fan of Manny! Definitely remember those years with the Dodgers... but my favorite era of his career were the Manny Being Manny years with Boston. The guy was hilarious and was such a great hitter.

  2. I miss Manny. He may have not been the best person to root for, but he was an absolute force at the plate.