Tuesday, February 27, 2024

double b double 2

before clayton kershaw came along, perhaps the dodger most associated with the number 22 was johnny podres. i, however, tended to think of a couple of guys with the initials b.b. first.

bill buckner
and brett butler

both wore number 22 during their dodger playing days, which for buckner included an appearance in the 1974 world series as noted on his 2003 topps tribute world series edition card. butler's 1993 king b disc doesn't show his number, but he wore 22 during both of his dodger stints (he also wore 12 for a short time when he first rejoined the dodgers in 1995). 

it should be noted that neither bob bailey, bob bailor, billy bean, nor bobby bonilla wore number 22 during their time with the dodgers. 

22 days until 2024 regular season baseball!

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  1. Before this post, Kershaw was the only #22 on the Dodgers embedded in my brain, but he has some pretty good company.