Saturday, February 24, 2024

byproducts of the retired number collection

i've been posting cards weekly from my retired numbers collection, and i've been enjoying preparing those posts. i also enjoyed looking through my collection for cards that would fit the collection, as well as slogging through comc to find cards for players whose inventory i already owned fell short. inevitably, i found cards that fit better into other parts of my collection.

this 1993 ted williams etched in stone roberto clemente card
features the same photo that topps used in 2022 on a turn back the clock card. in the end, i decided to use a different clemente card for the retired number collection, and i put this one in the name/number on the back collection.

same goes for this 2016 topps stadium club catfish hunter card
this 2007 upper deck roy halladay card
and this 1994 score burger king cal ripken jr card
this card is interesting in that it makes no reference that i could find to burger king.

the angels have not retired reggie jackson's number (for good reason) but i pulled this  2004 topps all-time fan favorites card
from a dark corner of my collection to put in the name/number on the back binder.

during my search for michael young cards to use, i came across his 2006 topps heritage card and promptly bought one for my 42 collection
i am not really sure why the rangers were wearing 42 back in 2005, and i guess i am not 100% sure that young is wearing 42, but i have convinced myself enough to put it in the 42 collection.

finally, this 1992 topps kids card of roberto alomar
was the card that i had in my retired number collection until the blue jays unretired the number and thus eliminated alomar from that collection. 


  1. I wonder how many players have had their jersey numbers unretired. Gotta imagine that list is pretty short. I remember the Seahawks unretired Largent's number when Jerry Rice signed with them. But it's been retired again.

  2. Looks like Young is wearing 46 or 48?

    1. Yeah, it doesn't look like 42 to me. But why would he be wearing something other than his usual number? By that time he was an established player, so it's not like he'd be issued something random in spring training. Maybe it's an old photo?