Friday, March 5, 2021

it's time for almost free stuff friday!

it's been a while since i've hosted one of these, and with cards from the quarry doing his sunday thing, i figured why not.

the "almost" in "almost free stuff friday" means that i am going to ask that you send me a card from my want list in return. you can choose to claim up to 9 cards from this post (to keep shipping at pwe-level) in exchange for at least one from my want list.  just claim the card(s) you want in the comments below and they will be reserved for you. email me your address and i will send the cards to you. i will trust that you will send me at least one card in return. easy enough, and this should keep the 'something for nothing' folks that we've all dealt with at bay. 

here are the cards - claim them in the comments!

random stuff:
here's some o-pee-chee from the post earlier this week:

1998 and 1999 pacific crown royale:

2000 pacific invincible aces and kings of the diamond:

2005 upper deck pastime pennants:
2008-2009 upper deck starquest

2010 topps yankees randomness

2011 topps lineage:

2013 topps target red parallels

2013 topps making their marks

2013 topps emerald parallels:

2015 topps 40 free agents

2016 topps perspectives:

2017 topps chrome pink red sox refractors

2018 national baseball card day

2018 topps big league parallels:

2019 topps stars of the game/superstars of baseball

a mashup of cards from a 2018 topps factory royals team set and a 2020 topps factory american league stars team set

2019 topps gypsy queen fortune tellers

and finally some 1952 in 2021
the judge card has a dinged corner, fyi

here are some non-sport inserts from 2019 topps allen & ginter
and how about some hockey?
ok, that does it for this week. make your claims! i'm looking forward to sending out some cards!


  1. OK, you ready?

    I need the Wallach and the Jackie, the pink Kimbrel and Pedroia, the red Kirk and the gold Lagares.

  2. Surprised to see so few taken. I'd like the SSPC Wills/Knox, 98 UD Eck, OO Pacific Cone, 2010 T Swisher, 13 T Target A. Jones, 13 T Emerald Isringhausen, 15 T Reggie, 16 T Perspectives Teixera,Starquest Ichiro and 21 T 52 Judge.

    And if no one claims the Chan Ho Park, I'll take it, but if anyone else wants it, they can take precedence.

    That's a lot of cards for my team and player collections! Thanks.

    1. you got em. please confirm your mailing address - gcrlATcomcastDOTnet

  3. No claims for me this time, but for what it's worth, I did enjoy looking through the variety.

  4. I would love to claim these 3 cards:
    - 2005 Upper Deck Pastime Pennants Willie McCovey
    - October Heroes Frank Robinson
    - 2000 Invincible Aces Trevor Hoffman

    I'll have something cool to you in return for sure. Thanks!

    Jay (Card Hemorrhage)

  5. I'll claim the remaining Red Sox cards - Eck, Yaz, Pedroia, Rodriguez, and the 2 Ortiz. Thanks!

    1. gtt claimed the eck, and night owl claimed the pedroia. the yaz, rodriguez, and two ortiz cards are yours though. please send me your address at gcrlATcomcastDOTnet.

    2. you claimed the big league gold pedroia - got it!

  6. Thanks for these! I'll claim:
    Don Larsen, the two Ranger Teixeiras, Terry Kennedy, Johnny Bench, John Axford, Chad Qualls, Stephen Piscotty, Clayton Richard
    I'll see what I can find for you minicollections, maybe something other than lurkers this time.