Wednesday, March 22, 2017

they called him mr. clean

the last time panini did a nicknames based set, they went with 'senator' for steve garvey.  that was in 2012, and in 2016, they decided to go with another of his nicknames, 'mr. clean'.
i'm not sure if proctor & gamble is aware of this, but i do know that garvey bears no resemblance to their mr. clean.   their guy has more of a mike holmes from 'holmes on holmes' look,
and he's got his magic eraser ready.

garvey has signed cards as 'popeye' - a nickname he received due to his forearms, the aforementioned 'senator', and now 'mr. clean', although he did not inscribe the card with that last one as he did with the first two.  i'm guessing it is not his favorite nickname due to the fact that it is often cited in order to juxtapose his image with the reality of his post-career relationships. despite all that, it's another 2016 panini product that i am happy to have in my collection.

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  1. Very nice. Looks like both of us went all in on National Treasures.