Friday, March 24, 2017

a pared down 2016 topps flagship vs. dodger team set comparison

i used to do a post each year comparing dodger cards from the topps flagship and team factory sets. i didn't do that last year, and in fact, just recently picked up the 2016 topps dodger 17 card set.

the factory sets had lost their luster for me after a couple of years without a stadium card or manager card, and just one or two photo variants.  however, the price i paid for the 2016 set was low enought where i figured it made sense to pick it up and have another corey seager rookie card in my collection.

i decided not to compare every card as most are the same between the two sets.  instead, i'll just show the ones that are different.  i will list the full checklist, however, starting with

lad-1 clayton kershaw
lad-2 carl crawford
lad-3 joc pederson

flagship (on the left) identified joc as a 'future star', while the team set just lets him be.  the result is a differently cropped photo.

lad-4 yasmani grandal
see what i wrote about joc? ditto for grandal.

lad-5 adrian gonzalez
lad-6 frankie montas
so here's a decent variation. for flagship, topps photoshopped montas from white sox duds (in detroit, i believe) into the dodger, um, home grays? at least they got the red number in there.  for the factory set, topps used a photo from the same game, but correctly photoshopped 'los angeles' text onto the gray jersey and added the pant piping. but then forgot about the red number.  as it turns out, montas never pitched in the bigs for the dodgers due to injury and then on account of his being traded to the a's in the rich hill deal.

lad-7 chase utley
lad-8 corey seager
lad-9 justin turner
lad-10 andre ethier
lad-11 yasiel puig
lad-12 hyun-jin ryu
lad-13 kenley jansen
lad-14 brett anderson
lad-15 scott kazmir
kazmir's flagship card came along in series 2, with a photo of him from spring training wearing the 'd' hat.  topps couldn't wait for that photo for the factory set, so they photoshopped him into the away uniform, but without the red number.

lad-16 alex wood
lad-17 scott van slyke

and that's it.  four variations, but really only two.  it would be great if topps went back to adding a unique player or subject to the factory set, like dodger stadium or dave roberts or even farmer john.  unfortunately, i took a look at the checklist for the 2017 factory set, and it's similar to this one.  and, with no free agent additions as part of the checklist, i'm guessing there won't be any variations.  i'm not sure that will be enough to keep me away, however, so stay tuned...


  1. The Dodgers DO have road unis which say "Dodgers" like the one Montas is shown in. It's not an error.

    1. that's a big swing and a miss for me - especially since the joc and grandal cards in this very post show that alternate jersey. i had thought they scrapped the alternate after 2014, but i stand corrected. thanks!