Monday, March 6, 2017

100 words a post habit

robert at $30 a week habit sent me five cards from my want list in exchange for one hundred words.

here's one that would be much better without a cub in the middle.
here's one that is shiny and sparkly and frankly rather distracting in its design.
here's one that would be much better if it were able to show the dodger logos.
here's another one that suffers from not allowing logos.
and yet another that is also of a strange size.
but they are all cards that i want and/or "need" and so they are very much appreciated.


  1. I'll agree to differ with you on that first card but agree that it's three great pitchers.

  2. Good work. I'll be posting my 100 word post soon also.
    Speaking of soon, keep your eyes open for some cards from me to you that will be arriving soon.

  3. Glad they arrived safely Jim! Nice job on the 100 words...