Monday, March 27, 2017

here's to you, mr. robinson

so, i've sent out a few ttm requests over the past couple of months - mostly having to do with my attempt to get 1978 topps team cards and set checklists signed - and i've had some good success.  i'll show more signed cards i've received lately in a future post, but there was one success that i had to showcase sooner rather than later:
i had noticed some successes popping up with brooks robinson, and so i gave it a shot.  it took only about a week with no fee! simply awesome.

sadly, this is the only card brooks robinson had in the 1978 topps set, and it doesn't come close to qualifying as a final tribute, but it's been an important card for me as a fan of the game.  i've liked robinson for a few reasons, even though he retired just as i began following the game.  first, there is the name.  i think that a 'plural' first name is unique and cool, and one of the reasons that i also have an affinity for rogers hornsby. second, it was his 1971 topps world series card that launched my tatooine mini collection in 1978 when my brother and i saw it in our local card and comic shop.  third, buying packs in 1978, i saw this card and immediately wanted to know more about robinson's career, and as an extension, baseball's past.

this card helped me understand that there was history to be appreciated with the game of baseball.  of course, when i asked my dad about robinson, he started with the 1966 world series which made me like brooks a little less.

this was an awesome success, and i am very happy to have this card signed in my collection.  thanks brooks!

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