Friday, March 31, 2017

does this look like a final tribute?

what is this?
it sure looks like the back of a 1989 topps baseball card with steve carlton's complete career stats, including his horrendous numbers with the defending world champion 1988 minnesota twins.  much to my chagrin (because i am a big fan and collector of 'final tribute' cards) all of the card manufacturers whiffed on carlton in 1989. or so i thought.

here's the complete back of the card in question:
yes, topps did make a card of lefty in 1989, but they did not feature him as a twin.  rather, the front shows him as a cardinal, as he was in 1967
still, the card meets the criteria i have laid out - issued the year following his final season, and with his complete career stats on the back.  i will happily add this card to my final tribute binder.

now for a more traditional final tribute - one that i was surprised to find missing from my binder recently.  that would be the 1975 topps ron santo card
that is strange for a couple of reasons right off the bat.  his complete stats on the back are marred by that last line that seems out of place
but the card fits right in with my final tribute collection.

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  1. I love, love, love those 1989 Topps Talk cards. If there was a oddball issue hall of fame, I'd vote for it.