Wednesday, April 24, 2024

ya basic

a few months ago i bought a don sutton card from the 1975 mengler set
which left me with just bill buckner's to track down (plus a second steve garvey, i suppose) to complete my dodger team set. or so i thought.

for those of you who are unfamiliar, i showed some others from this set in an older post and more recently found a photo of a checklist and ad for the set that gives a better explanation
i found this helpful, if not a bit frustrating, as neither andy messersmith and jim wynn are listed as dodgers on tcdb. not that i will ever find their cards, or buckner's for that matter, at a price i am willing to pay.

not so long ago, i wouldn't have given the mengler set a second thought. it was too plain, too basic, and not what i thought a baseball card should be. becoming more of a completist (or at least a more fervent player and team collector) of dodgers from this era over the last several years had me thinking otherwise.

adding the sutton card and again seeing how truly simplistic the mengler cards are had me thinking about my early collecting days when i eschewed sets like the ones tcma put out in the late 1970's because they lacked any sort of design or name or team affiliation on the front. today, i have no problem adding cards like this 1979 tcma the 1950's sandy koufax
or this 2019 bowman heritage dustin may
to my collection. yes, they are basic, but they are also baseball cards of players that i collect.

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  1. You might try Mengler himself, who is on ebay. He is selling some of the original art as well (I won the Garvey). Buckner and Messersmith originals are currently listed.

    chicagosportsmiley is his ebay user name.