Thursday, April 11, 2024

the almost daily dodger - todd hundley

i finally added todd hundley's 2000 skybox card to my collection a few months ago
i hadn't paid a lot of attention to this set in recent years, and even back in 2000 i was mainly focused on topps, fleer, and upper deck offerings. so, as a result, i failed to notice the pee wee reese memorial patch above the roy campanella heroes patch prominently shown on this card until sometime last year.

the other thing i like about the card is hundley's gear. it looks like the stuff i wore back in the 1980's in little league and babe ruth. simple wilson equipment, including a fabric chest protector and fairly old school mask. it's a far cry from what catchers use these days.

i figured i might as well show a new-ish to me hundley card - his 1999 fleer mystique card
it's super shiny and puts me one card shy of the team set (next up, adrian beltre). 

hundley hit 24 home runs in both 1999 and 2000 with the dodgers. in 2000, he hit those 24 homers in just 299 at bats. he's also a dodger double dipper who is often forgotten about in the post mike piazza era of dodger catchers, but not today!

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  1. In 2000... I was collecting basketball and football more than baseball... so I don't think I ever opened any of those Skybox packs. They did a decent job of cropping the photo... and that blurred effect is unique and interesting. As for 1999 Mystique... I opened up some of that. I thought the concept of having those mystery peel off cards was creative. Gotta love 90's innovation.