Sunday, April 21, 2024

garvey's back without a brand new photo

after not making the checklist in 2023, steve garvey returned to where he had been in 2021 and 2022; which is to say that he was relegated to the autograph section of the 2024 topps tribute checklist. it took me awhile to bite on one of his cards, but i finally did.
i settled on the green parallel due to price and whimsy. it's 99/99 which by my math makes it a 1/1 (that's a math joke - not a hitz bro serious take). 

there are other varieties, of course, but i don't plan to add any of them -the base /199, blue /150, gold /75, purple /50, orange /25, red /15, black and plates /1 - unless the price is low and i am in a certain mood. i would probably go for a base rainbow were he included in the base set, but i'm not going to chase the autos like i did in the past.

the design is a bit different for tribute with the horizontal elements and i like it, but as i mentioned in an earlier post, i am at the point where i need to see some new photographs across the expanse of products topps produces. this particular photo was also used by topps in their 2023 finest and pristine releases, as well as their 2017 bunt digital issue and so i have enough cards displaying this image.

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