Tuesday, April 23, 2024

the almost daily dodger - eric karros

here we have a 1997 pinnacle totally certified card of eric karros
you can see that this is a "platinum red" card, which leads me to my disdain for this set.

i first found cards from the 1997 pinnacle certified sets in bargain boxes at shinder's in the late 1990's and only recently fully came to understand these cards, thanks to tcdb. there was a 1997 pinnacle certified set, that included parallels called "certified red", "mirror red", "mirror blue", and "mirror gold". then along came 1997 pinnacle totally certified with the "platinum red" card you see above considered its "base". there are also "platinum blue" and "platinum gold" parallels. each of the totally certified cards are serial numbered - platinum red is /3999, platinum blue is /1999, and platinum gold is /30.

whatever the case, i am one card short (wilton guerrero) of the regular certified dodger team set, but have only three of the seven dodgers in platinum red form for the totally certified team set. i do have one platinum blue parallel, but no parallels of the regular certified set.

the karros came to me from a bargain bin at a card show a few months ago and prompted me to really figure out what i actually had. it's worth noting, since this post was supposed to be at least slightly about him, that his son jared made an appearance for the dodgers during the freeway series and pitched two scoreless innings against the angels. i believe there have only been three father/son dodger combos to date - al and jim campanis, ivan and ivan (jr) dejesus, and dick and dick schofield. maybe the karros boys have a shot to join that list.

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  1. I remember this product. Don't remember seeing anyone open baseball, but football was popular among collectors in my area. Pretty sure these packs were pricey... and they were loaded with rookies (at least in football).