Monday, July 31, 2017

stay sterling, san diego

i mentioned a few days ago that there have been (and continue to be) a number of rare-ish large patch steve garvey cards show up on the bay lately.  i picked up two more for my collection, but the ones currently for sale are definitely priced out of reach.

this first one is from 2007 topps sterling, and features a 'big a' from a padres jersey
it comes from a 1984 padres jersey like this one below
in fact, it might just be this exact jersey.

the next one is from 2008 topps sterling
and features the 'p' from a different padres jersey like this one from 1987:
again, it could be this one as it, like the jersey above, this one was featured in an auction a few years back.

i once again went to photoshop to confirm the obvious:
obviously awesome.

unless those prices drop, these may well be the last of the sterling 1/1's i add to my collection, and if that is the case, they're not a bad note to end on.


  1. couple of nice patches there. I like the first patch a wee better, but I don't like cards without the dude's pic on it, so........ card two is the winner.

    my two cents.

    good luck on your hunt.

  2. Topps Sterling made some crazy nice cards. Those are awesome!

  3. Congratulations! Those Padres patches are sweet!