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more consolidated 30-day baseball card challenge posts

i have previously posted cards representing 20 of the 30 days of the baseball card challenge started by tony at off hiatus.  i do plan to finish, even though i have been nowhere near meeting the intent of the challenge.  here are a few more entries.

day 21 - a card of a rookie you thought you were "investing" in.

my first thought was chipper jones' 1991 upper deck card, because i distinctly remember saying that i was going to be able to send a kid to college with a brick of those cards.  the truth is, i did engage in some prospecting earlier than 1991 in my collecting career even though i was a set, team, and very focused player collector - in that order.  i did not start to retain any rookie cards that were doubles (just needed one for the set (plus one for the dodger team set, if applicable) and the rest were trade bait) from 1978 through 1980.  this means that i sold/traded off a few eddie murray and bob horner rookies at the time for some beads and trinkets.  in 1981, however, fernandomania came along, and rookie cards hit home for me.  it was at that same time when i was an impressionable rookie card collector that a card vendor sang the praises of this 1981 topps reds future stars card
he said that paul householder was going to be the next mickey mantle.  i picked up householders cards from 1981 and 1982 as anyone would who knew this was going to be like holding '52 mantles.  it didn't pan out.

day 22 - a card of a common player that always seemed to elude you.

i opened a lot of packs of 1978 topps. a lot.  there were a few singles that i wound up purchasing at the card and comic shop, and a few more than that that i traded for, but my set was built mostly from packs.  mickey rivers was the last yankee i needed in the set.  his card
was one of the last cards i needed for the set, period.  the local card and comic shop did not have a mickey rivers card in their 1978 topps box, and i could not, for the life of me, find one in all of the packs i opened.  as a result, i was at the mercy of my neighbor who forced me to trade a 1978 topps steve garvey card (my pc would have to wait) for the rivers.  it was the first time that i understood that the value of any particular card is the price someone is willing to pay, not some arbitrary price guide that said i should have been able to get 2 or 3 rivers' for one garvey.

day 23 - a favorite oddball card from the 1950's

i don't have too many cards from the 1950's that aren't topps or bowman.  none, actually.  there was a time when i would have said that bowman was an oddball brand, but i was ignorant about baseball card history then.  instead,  i will identify the 1955 golden stamp tom lasorda card stamp as my favorite '50's oddball.

i don't own any of these stamps, but the vintage bargain bin guy from the local card show used to tempt me with them.  the only one that really interested me was the lasorda, as he was by no means a big name on the team.  plus, the photo shows him with a bag of balls that he was probably about to use to throw batting practice to anyone and everyone.  i used to want to make a 1957 topps lasorda 'final tribute' card, and i thought that this image would be the one that i would use, but i haven't gotten around to that yet.  nor have i bothered to pick up an actual lasorda stamp from this set.

day 24 - a favorite oddball card from the 1960's

forget what i said about bowman up above. even though fleer was a major card manufacturer at one time, i still consider their issues in the 1960's to be oddballs.  with that said, this 1960 fleer zack wheat card

was the first one that i ever saw - coming my way from an antique show in a barn somewhere on the prairies.  however, i prefer the 1961 fleer card that has wheat with ty cobb and home run baker
here's some old ballplayers in suits. let's put 'em on a card!

day 25 - a favorite oddball card from the 1970's

there were many things that i could count on when we would head down to dodger stadium to see a baseball game back in the late 1970's.  first, there wasn't going to be a rainout. second, my dad was going to get us there early enough to watch the visiting team take batting practice. third, most people would have transistor radios (including us) to listen to the radio broadcast. fourth, vin scully would be calling the game. fifth, the infield of steve garvey, davey lopes, bill russell, and ron cey would be playing.  i could go on and on.  perhaps the oddest regular occurrence for us was that it always seemed like we went to games that doug rau started.  i recall seeing don sutton pitch a couple of times, and burt hooton, too, but i am sure i saw rau more than all the other dodger pitchers.  that's why i like his 1977 kellogg's card so much.
for rau to have been featured in that limited set is, in hindsight, surprising.  however, it was a joy for me to come across as a young collector of dodger cards from the late 1970's.  rau won 73 games from 1974-1978 (his first five full seasons as a starter), and had an era of 3.20. he won 16 games in 1976 with a 2.57 era (0.05 higher than league leader john denny), which is why he was on the kellogg's checklist, i would imagine.  to me, he deserved to be there because he was the guy i saw pitching all the time.

day 26 - a favorite oddball from the 1980's

fleer stickers were fun, but in 1981 they competed with my hard-earned allowance against honest to goodness baseball cards.  as a result, i didn't buy many packs of the stickers, and none of the fleer star stickers that were also out on the shelves.  still, fleer did a smart thing and put laughlin images on the backs of the team logo stickers so they weren't a total loss after the stickers were applied to our school binders and folders.  this one from 1981 is one of my favorite oddballs from the decade when oddballs really took off
i had somehow previously come across a couple of laughlin world series cards from 1970 and 1971, so i was already familiar with the concept of these cards.  however, i didn't know anything about the 1952 all-star game, so it was my dad who pointed out that 42 on the card was jackie robinson. this was the first jackie robinson 'card' that i owned.

day 27 - a favorite oddball from the 1990's

i'll get right to the point here.  this 1990 baseball wit manny mota card
is one of my favorite oddballs from the '90's because it features a photo of mota from 1988 when the dodgers wore a vero beach 40th anniversary patch during spring training. that means it is a photo of mota as a coach, and i do enjoy coach cards.  plus, the photo on the card was taken by jon soo hoo, the official dodger team photographer, who is still going strong on instagram and everywhere else that dodger photos are displayed.

day 28 - a favorite relic/manufactured relic card

there are quite a few steve garvey relic cards that i really like, but one of my favorites are these two from 2001 upper deck decade 1970's
and 2001 upper deck vintage
they would absolutely be my favorite relic cards if davey lopes had been featured instead of rick monday and dusty baker, respectively.  now, i love mo and dusty, but a relic card featuring the entire infield? that would be the best.

only two topics left in the challenge, and i'll save those cards for another post.

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  1. So much to comment on... so little time (I need to get ready for work... like right now). I'll just comment on two things:

    1. That 1978 Topps Rivers is a great looking card. Love the action shot... even if it's a Yankee.

    2. Love. Love. Love those 2001 UD Decade relic cards.