Monday, July 24, 2017

this one is not so bad, but still, avert your eyes because it has friends

my fascination with cut autos, and tristar signa cuts in particular, struck again in the form of a purchase of this 2008 tristar signa cut card of steve garvey
which features a chopped-up 1981 fleer card that he signed.  it looks more familiar on its side
even though garvey's signature lines up well with the card's orientation thanks to his penchant for signing cards vertically.

there has been a recent uptick in rare-ish garvey cards being posted on ebay lately.  in the span of a week, there were three different cut auto cards from 2014 leaf history of baseball listed.  i wound up with one of them that features a nice blue signature on a black & white photo
i thought i knew the photo that this came from, but i was wrong. i was thinking it was one of the team promo shots used on the 1982 builder's emporium 8x10 giveaway, but it is not.
another cut auto that i picked up is from something called 2013 historic autographs the decades - 1970's.
i've seen these before, but hadn't picked one up until now.  the cut auto is surrounded by 1970's references, including a misspelled thurman munson ("munsen") reference.  the auto comes from a signed cachet, but not this one commemorating garvey's 1000th consecutive game, 
nor is it this one from garvey's 1,118th consecutive game
which features billy williams during a postgame ceremony. this was a game that i attended, by the way.  instead, the cut auto comes from this cachet
which fetes the same milestone event.

last, but not least, is a cut auto from 2016 panini prime cuts harmon killebrew card
i think the design of this card is outstanding with the photo selection panini used and the way it's paired with the 1996 mlb alumni card. this strengthens my opinion that not all cut auto cards are abominations!


  1. i like a lot of Panini - this card is a gem. Almost have a full bodied Killebrew there. Such a clean sig!

  2. Killebrew with the beautiful sig- just a little to the left and it nearly matches up!

  3. Looks like one of those deals where the magician puts his assistant in the 3-sectioned box and then shifts the sections around so it looks like the assistant's body has come apart. ... Not a fan.

  4. I have one or two of the Tristar Signacuts cards in my collection. I'm not really a fan, but they're great conversation pieces.

  5. Usually the only cut autos I buy these days are guys that have long since passed away. I know I probably have 4 or 5 Stargell cuts in my collection.

  6. cut-sigs from cards gives me the shivers, even some cut from photos but not as much. The Killebrew is cool in that (as others have already said) it almost matches up. This batch of cut-sigs didn't butcher as much as others I have seen. The first one even though and 81 Fleer Garvey was sacrificed. It wasn't completely butchered.