Wednesday, August 2, 2017

hail, hail, the infield's all here

i was very happy to see that topps included ron cey in this year's archives autograph checklist.  they could have given him a regular base card, too, but i'll take the auto.  topps used the 1979 design for cey's card
and they featured a photo that i believe to be new to cardboard.  it's a similar image to what topps used on cey's 1977 card, but different.  you will recall that last year, topps gave steve garvey a short print base card and an auto
but used his 1972 card photo (more tightly cropped) rather than a new one.

in 2014, bill russell was given the auto treatment in archives with a 'new' photo
and the year before that, it was davey lopes who received the base card short print and an auto
the photo used on the lopes card was used by upper deck in the 2004 legends timeless teams issue, but i don't believe topps had used it before.  

since its revival, archives has featured other dodgers from the team of my youth - don sutton has been a base card member of the checklist twice and dusty baker got the short print and auto in 2014.  this year, i was very excited to see that manny mota was included in the checklist
as well as the skipper of the team of my youth, tommy lasorda
it would have been nice if topps had used card designs that those two had not appeared on previously, such as 1980 for mota and any number of years for lasorda.  still, i am happy to add these autos of dodgers to my collection!

i also went and picked up another parallel of garvey's archives auto - the red /50 version
plus a ron cey auto from 2006 upper deck ultimate collection
that features a couple of other dudes.  i was also so pleased to see cey in this year's archives that i grabbed the peach parallel version
as well.

with 2017 archives in the books, i now have recent autographed cards from the entire infield
as well as the manager and pinch hitter. i was surprised to find that i did not own the dusty baker auto, so i will correct that soon.

edit - corrected:
in the meantime, topps can go ahead and get reggie smith, steve yeager, and rick monday lined up for next year.


  1. Congratulations... these are awesome! I'm a huge fan of the Archives Fan Favorites signatures.

  2. Awesome to see all the Archives together!

  3. Smith had a 77T certified, not sure if it was archives or fan favorites or something else. Yeager too, with a 74T card. 6th row down &

  4. Not as a Dodger, but Monday got a Topps certified auto as well...

  5. ugh. did I send you a mota auto that you already had? sorry bud. thought I had nailed that one.