Friday, August 4, 2017

so far in 2017, i've recollected, rediscovered, and paid tribute to my steve garvey collection

my first 2017 steve garvey card came from 1983.
that's a 2017 donruss recollection collection buyback autograph.  yay.  i think the only other donruss recollection collection card i have (from 2004 maybe?) of the garv is one of his padre cards, so this is nice.

garvey also had, at the very least, some of his 1987 topps cards stamped and inserted into topps series 1 packs as part of this year's rediscover topps buyback distribution.  i was able to pick up a bronze
and a silver
and a gold
parallel of the garv's final topps card.

1987 was the only garvey card i saw featured in series 1 buybacks, and so far, this 1984 gold parallel
is the only one of garvey's cards i've seen as a series 2 buyback.  lucky for me, this one was buried in a listing for a lot of 2017 inserts, so i got it on the cheap.

edit - i later saw another lot from 2017 topps heritage that included this bronze 1985 topps garvey record breaker
i made it mine.

topps has created some new cards of garvey this year, although they left him off of the checklist for the 'all-time all-stars' series 2 insert set.  these next cards are from 2017 topps tribute, and are 'generations of excellence' shadow box autos. the base version is numbered to 99
purple is /50
orange is /25
there is a red /10 version, and i've missed out on two or three opportunities to own one of those. the black 1/1 was listed on ebay when tribute first came out, but i didn't put a bid in for it.

there were no garvey cards in archives (but ron cey was featured!) or ginter (based on the checklist i've seen), so i doubt there will be any more new cards to chase this year.  i'll be sure to keep my eye out for more garvey buybacks in update, and in the meantime, i'm working on my 'living' steve garvey collection post and wantlist. thanks for your support of my collection!


  1. That 83D Garvey looks awesome with his signature. And those Tributes aren't too shabby either.

  2. I remember the 1987 Topps Garvey. For some reason, I pulled that card a lot as a kid.