Monday, March 4, 2024

the almost daily dodger - nomar garciaparra

here's a card i've had in my scanned folder for awhile that will finally be shared - a 2006 bowman heritage nomar garciaparra silver foil parallel
nomar had a number of dodger cards in 2006 which made me happy. he was my favorite non-dodger and then my favorite dodger and i tried to add as many cards of his that i could. 

come 2007, he was absent from every topps (and bowman) product except for co-signers, and even then he was in the background of jeff kent's card variants. i am just realizing that i don't have any of those cards. some nomar fan i am.


  1. In his prime, a better player than Derek Jeter. Just couldn't physically hold up long enough to join him Cooperstown.

  2. It's so weird seeing Nomar wearing a Dodgers jersey. In fact... if I just looked at the photo on that card, I wouldn't have been able to identify it was him.

  3. I don't know if I even knew that he had ever been a Dodger.