Sunday, March 3, 2024

one more look at stadium club

how quickly we all moved on from 2023 topps stadium club as 2024 topps series 1 was hot on its heels. i still haven't completed the dodger team set, but i have added a few cards since my first post about the release.

as much as i enjoy seeing coaches on cards - and that's dodger third base coach dino ebel on max muncy's card
it blows my mind that topps didn't do anything about the remnant camera apparatus that was left in the image. it would have been easy enough to photoshop out. anyway, back to coaches - there is a great photo of ron cey rounding third and being greeted by then-third base coach tommy lasorda 
that would look great on a stadium club card - hint, hint.

my michael grove autograph showed up last week
and i am still happy about the photo topps chose. 

grove shows up on another card that i picked up
yes, that's grove delivering a pitch to corbin carroll on carroll's card. austin barnes is catching, and umpire d.j. reyburn is sporting the "bh" patch for the late bill haller. i put the card in my lurker collection since i already have a card in the memorials collection for the umpire patch.

i've also added three more thurman munson parallels to my steve garvey collection - black & white
numbered to 199
and blue
numbered to 50
i'll keep my eye out but i am not going crazy to find any more of these. same goes for parallels of the grove card, and the rest of the dodger base for that matter. i must be mellowing out.


  1. That Cey photo is really cool with Lasorda as the 3rd base coach.

  2. could you send me your address to padrographsatlivedotcom. I have some cards for you.