Wednesday, May 30, 2018

i need a couple more cards of mo'

rick monday has the fewest post-dodger career cards among his starting lineup teammates from the team of my youth.  i am excluding cards that feature him as an athletic or a cub as he was a member of those franchises prior to becoming a dodger and so i don't collect cards of mo' in those uniforms.

there was a time, however, following his retirement after the 1984 season and prior to his joining the dodger broadcasting team in 1993 that monday lent his voice to the padres.  it is really great that cards exist of this brief moment in time...
that would be a 1991 padres coke card. since it has been signed by the guy whose home run in the 1981 nlcs was a defining moment of my elementary school days, i am still in need of an unsigned version.  here's the back
with the requisite mention of his being the first player ever drafted into mlb.

there is also a similar 1990 card that would complete my small post-dodger monday collection - here's the complete list.  monday is not my favorite play by play guy, but i can tolerate.


  1. Nice card! As a San Diegan who first got into baseball in 1990, I will always think of Rick Monday as a member of the Padres broadcast team first and foremost. (Snatching the flag from hippies second.)

  2. Cool oddball. Never knew Monday was part of the Padres broadcast team. Great stuff.