Tuesday, May 29, 2018

breakdown go ahead and give it to me

gavin at baseball card breakdown was the master planner behind the blogger con nw held in portland a couple of months ago.  i had let him know i would be in town, and he arranged for the local blogger crowd to gather at a local watering hole.

the cards that gavin brought included a custom for the event, this padres legends card
that included ozzie smith for kerry of cards on cards, tony gwynn for gavin and rod from padrographs, and steve garvey for yours truly.  i received number 2/4
which, when added together, brings us to 6 which was garvey's number.

gavin also included a sketch card of the national league iron man
plus a bunch of other dodger cards.  one of the cards that caught my eye was this 2016 topps yasmani grandal that clearly had some printing issues.
thanks gavin! i'll be sure to let you know if i am back in portland again!


  1. Wow, Topps really missed the mark on that Future Stars stamp. Gavin's customs are fantastic.