Monday, May 28, 2018

a tip of the cap to cardboard hogs

ken from cardboard hogs was a surprise (to me) attendee of the nw blogger con 2018 that gavin arranged while i was traveling to portland for work.  he handed over a great selection of dodger cards, like this 2018 topps heritage kenta maeda purple hot box card
for me, this treatment makes the 1969 design a bit more palatable.

the same can not be said for the blue burlap on this 2017 topps heritage joc pederson parallel
burlap is brown!

one more card from the many ken provided - a 2018 topps heritage clayton kershaw clubhouse collection relic!
thanks ken!


  1. i kinda liked the blue burlap, choosing to see it as denim. I realize is it NOT denim.

  2. thanks for the shoutout! glad you enjoyed the cards and it was great meeting you...really enjoyed the cards you sent my way as well. next time you're in Portland, we shall meet again.