Wednesday, April 18, 2018

the phillies wore a patch for dallas green, but what about jim bunning?

phillie reliever pat neshek is here to show the memorial patch that the phillies wore last season in honor of former manager and advisor dallas green who passed away just prior to the beginning of the 2017 season.  here's the patch on the right sleeve, where it was worn the majority of the time
and here it is on the left chest, where it was worn during the all-star game
green managed the phillies to their first world series title back in 1980, so the memorial patch is understandable.  however, the phillies lost another legend during the 2017 season - hall of famer jim bunning passed away in may - but did not add a patch that i am aware of.  perhaps they figured that the phillies "p" embedded in the "d" for dallas was enough of an homage to bunning.  it still seems strange given the phillies' penchant for memorials in recent years.

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  1. perhaps the Phillies felt Bunning was more closely associated with the Tigers. it's a good question for sure.