Tuesday, April 24, 2018

let's bat around with a certified all-auto lineup (somewhat non-dodger edition)

late to the blog bat around party, but giving it a go anyway.  great idea by zippy zappy to post a lineup based on autographed cards.  the vast majority of certified autograph cards in my collecton are dodgers, but i tried to piece together a team that didn't necessarily consist solely of the boys from brooklyn and los angeles.

with four exceptions, this is a hall of fame team (and two of those four will be in the hall eventually). there were some options at a few positions, and even more options if i were to go the non-certified route as i was big in to the ttm game for a few years.  i'll list some certified honorable mentions and non-certified options, but i am pretty pleased with this team.

starting pitcher number one - sandy koufax
1998 donruss signature series
how obtained: purchased

starting pitcher number two - don drysdale
1993 nabisco
how obtained: purchased

starting pitcher number three - warren spahn
1999 upper deck century legends
how obtained: pulled from pack

starting pitcher number four - bob feller
2001 topps archives
how obtained: pulled from pack

starting pitcher number five - clayton kershaw
2008 upper deck spx
how obtained: trade with mario (wax heaven)
honorable mentions: don sutton, bert blyleven
non-certified options: nolan ryan (purchased), gaylord perry (ttm), phil niekro (ttm)

catcher - gary carter
2003 upper deck sweet spot classic
how obtained: pulled from pack
honorable mentions: bill dickey (pulled from pack and sold), carlton fisk (purchased)

first base - steve garvey
2013 panini hometown heroes hometown signatures gold (my latest garvey auto addition)
how obtained: purchased
honorable mention: harmon killebrew
non-certified options: pete rose (ttm)

second base - rod carew
2006 fleer greats of the game
how obtained: pulled from pack
non-certified options: ryne sandberg (ttm), bobby doerr (ttm), roberto alomar (ttm)

third base - adrian beltre
1999 topps gallery
how obtained: trade with arno (i'm ballsy)
non-certified options: brooks robinson (ttm), mike schmidt (ttm), harmon killebrew (in person)

shortstop - maury wills
2002 fleer greats of the game
how obtained: trade with dayf (basseball card junkie)
non-certified options: pee wee reese (purchased)

left field - tony gwynn
2013 panini america's pastime hitter's ink (half of a booklet shared with the garv)
how obtained: purchased

center field - duke snider
2011 topps tribute (reverse negative!)
how obtained: purchased

right field - vladimir guerrero
2003 upper deck sweet spot
how obtained: pulled from pack
non-certified option: barry bonds (trade with rod from padrographs), andre dawson (ttm), rickey henderson (purchased), reggie jackson (in person)

designated hitter:  frank robinson
1996 canadian club
how obtained: trade with bo (baseball cards come to life)
non-certified options: paul molitor (ttm), jim thome (ttm)

closer - bruce sutter
2003 topps all-time fan favorites
how obtained: pulled from pack
honorable mention: rollie fingers
non-certified options: goose gossage (ttm)

manager - tommy lasorda
2017 topps archives
how obtained: purchased
honorable mention: sparky anderson
non-certified options: walter alston (purchased), tony larussa (ttm), joe torre (ttm), dick williams (ttm)

and because i can...

announcer - vin scully
2016 topps mint
how obtained: purchased

now i'm off to find a mike piazza autographed card...


  1. Really impressive lineup! Nice work on this.

  2. Good job working Vin into the mix!

    And is your Koufax a refractor parallel or something? Looks better than the other copies of that card that have popped up in this bat-around.

  3. Your starting rotation is STACKED! Holy Cow!

  4. Your rotation would be unhittable. You also win the announcing game.

  5. Scully! That's a top the list of autographs I really, really, really want... but will never actually acquire. I'm also jealous of that Beltre autograph. Solid lineup bro. Lots of HUGE names.

  6. Hell yeah, Scully, Guerrero and Lasorda finally getting their dues. Very nice.

  7. Really impressive group of autos here - especially Scully and Koufax. But I'm a huge fan of the Sweet Spot Vlad, and the Beltre is sharp, too.