Thursday, April 12, 2018

quality is job one

matt at bob walk the plank sent fewer cards than usual as part of our most recent swap.  his note mentioned "quality over quantity", and he nailed the quality with one card in particular
that is a 2014 topps tribute jackie robinson relic card (the sepia version) and it is very nice.

this is the second jackie relic i've received as part of a trade (here's the other), and it doesn't get old.

thanks matt! i've loaded up for another round of trading, and i hope you'll see some quality in what i send!


  1. Great card. I really need to add another Jackie Robinson memorabilia card to my collection.

  2. Sorry I didn't see this right away...I've been on the road. Glad you liked the card and look forward to keeping the great blind trade we have going.

  3. what a beauty! Matt is a great one to surprise a trade pal with a special card.