Wednesday, May 24, 2017

only seven months of shopping days 'til christmas

so how about some christmas cards?  i don't have a full on christmas card (cards numbered 12/25) collection, but i do have a few in my collection.  and, while recently scouting for these types of cards for gavin at baseball card breakdown, i found a couple to keep for myself.

first up is a 2016 panini father's day something or other crystal parallel of clayton kershaw
with a very 'atomic refractor' type look.

next was a 2016 panini immaculate collection corey seager quad relic card
these are nice cards regardless of the numbering, and because neither of these guys wear number 12, there was no artificial scarcity added to the seller's perceived value.  however, if christmas cards become too much of a thing, watch out!  santa will want to take his cut.