Monday, May 8, 2017

customized exposure

a couple of years ago, a reader with the handle 'sharxfan' commented on my flagship blog letting me know that espn's 30 for 30 short about the origins of the high-five and therefore glenn burke used a screen grab of my 1980 topps glenn burke card that should have been.  i watched the short myself, and cracked a smile when my custom came onscreen.

fast forward to a few weeks ago, and phungo emailed me to let me know that another of my custom cards was featured on cbs during the ncaa basketball tournament.  this time, it was a gerry hannahs card from my 1978 topps update/burger king dodgers series of cards that should have been.  

if i were on twitter, i might have known in realtime, as phungo tweeted about it:
that's pretty cool, even if there is a chance that jim nantz was talking while it was onscreen.  hannahs' son dusty was playing in the tournament as i understand it, and there was a piece done on the father and son (and gerry's teammate dusty baker, after whom he named his son).

i haven't been making customs lately, but i was motivated recently to dust off the ol' photoshop and make a joe simpson card that should have been after topps released a couple of 'vault' photos of the former dodger.  both photos show simpson with some pretty big glasses
with the second one coming with the added bonus of the white folding chairs in the background.
the chairs let me know that this photo is likely from 1976, as those same chairs showed up on ed goodson's 1977 topps card.  anyway, with the lower watermark on the second photo, i was able to make a pretty decent 1978 topps card that should have been for simpson:
back when i was making these 1978 topps dodger cards that should have been, i could not find a suitable photo of simpson as a dodger, and so i had to photoshop one of his mariners cards into a dodgers card.  this one would have worked much better, although he probably still wouldn't sign it.  maybe this will get a shout out on a braves telecast - if so, i hope someone is watching so they can let me know about it!

thanks sharkxfan and phungo!


  1. That is very cool that you get to see your work get national attention.

  2. Time to cash in and sue ESPN. Just kidding... can't stand those people. Congratulations on having your work featured twice. That's an awesome accomplishment.