Thursday, May 4, 2017

dodger stadium worldwide

i mentioned in an earlier post that i had decided to pick up some of the topps now cards from the wbc semi-finals and finals because those three games were being played in dodger stadium.  i wound up with nine cards - three from each game - that show the stadium in the background.  some are better than others, and this javier baez card would be better if the short fence in the background were still the old configuration rather than the new solid block
here's a carlos correa card that shows the dugout club and field box seats in the background.
the dugout club seats didn't exist until frank mccourt remodeled the stadium.

the last card from the first semi-final game is this team puerto rico celebration card
that features the overhang facade at the front of the club level at the top of the card.  the facade towards the bottom of the card is the bottom front of the loge level that sits above the field level.

the second semi-final game had the usa come out on top, and i picked up the tanner roark card
as well as the andrew mccutchen and adam jones card
both of which show some of the seating in the background.  the third card from this game that i purchased is the team usa celebration card
that features the right field wall and the lowest part of the right field pavilion.  i should note that these cards came out darker than what i saw online, so the seating in the first two cards (particularly the roark card) is more difficult to discern than i had anticipated.  oh well.

here are the three cards from the final game - first up is ian kinsler
with a view of the backstop and the dugout club seats.  i'm not sure if that is a copycat marlins guy in the background or not.  also, astute viewers might have noticed that the dugout club seats were changed from pale yellow to light blue this year.

here's the tournament mvp, marcus stroman, holding up his award
with the left field scoreboard behind him.  the right field scoreboard has always been that hexagonal shape, but left field had the diamondvision rectangular scoreboard for over 30 years.  now, the left field scoreboard is the same shape as the one in right field, with a universal studios globe on top.

lastly, here's the team usa champions card
that features the left field foul pole as well as the team's 'ring of honor' in the background along the club level's facade.

last night, vin scully was added to the ring, and i thought his 'plaque' would go right about in the spot that giancarlo stanton is pointing to with his right hand.  instead, the dodgers shifted all of the numbers to make room for vin at the end of the facade.

note:  i am writing this just after the ceremony concluded, and i am hoping that there is a topps now card issued tomorrow.  i would really like to have a card that shows vin's plaque in the background.


  1. uh oh! I didn't realize that Eddie Rosario was on that walk off win card, will have to track one down to keep the Topps Now Twins set going...

    I think the photo selection from Topps on the WBC cards was really good - I hope they keep that up throughout the season.

  2. Always nice to add some international appeal to the collection - love that Baez!

  3. I loved the Cutch/Yelich celebration card. I bought the relic version.