Friday, January 6, 2017

truth delivered

jon from 'a penny sleeve for your thoughts' and i have completed a couple of trades in the past year, and we are currently working on another.  most recently (meaning a couple of months ago), he sent 35 different dodger cards my way, all in penny sleeves. that's enough for 35 of my thoughts!  jon wasn't kidding when he offered penny sleeves for thoughts, although it's the cards that generate the most thinking.

2014 panini prizm would have us know that clayton kershaw is such an outstanding pitcher, that he won an award!

of course, he won two awards in 2014 - his second straight cy young award, and the national league mvp.

the inserts in 2000 pacific invincible were what made me buy a box of the stuff even before it was released, and the aces of the diamond cards didn't disappoint.  this is the first numbered parallel i've seen, however
and it's a welcome addition to my dodger collection that includes quite a few surly characters like kevin brown.

here's a 2002 topps 206 team 206 insert of kazuhisa ishii
i'm still working on this set, and i'm currently on pace to finish it sometime around 2035.

last card i'll show from the trade with jon is a 2013 panini prizm andre ethier blue parallel
it looks great, but there's another blue chrome team set i'm working on first.  just one card to go, as you might have seen last night.

thanks for the cards (and penny sleeves) jon!

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  1. It's nice to read/see that the cards went over so well.