Thursday, January 5, 2017

sights set on saito

i found one of the two cards i needed to finish off my 2007 topps chrome blue refractor parallel dodger team set right before thanksgiving
hall of famer greg maddux looks great in dodger blue surrounded by blue-chromey refractorness, don't you think?

i'm putting an apb out for takashi saito's card from this set.  find it and be rewarded beyond your most reasonable dreams!


  1. That is a really good looking card! And like all refractors, it obviously looks even better in person.

  2. I didn't like 2007 Topps very much, but the colored refractors from that year's Chrome are excellent.

  3. I'll check my Japanese PC when I get home. Odds aren't great, but if it's in the binder, consider it yours.